Naked Mandela-Zuma picture sparks anger in South Africa

Naked Mandela-Zuma picture sparks anger in South Africa

South African artist Ayanda Mabulu is trending on Twitter as people there react to his latest controversial art work showing President Jacob Zuma having sex with Nelson Mandela.

Angry comments like these are typical:

Mthobisi @Mthobisi

He went too far, he touched our Mandela, that's a war against the world #AyandaMabulu
8:49 AM - 21 Apr 2017

René Vest @ReneVest_

I totally understand that art is meant to provoke emotions & discussions, & that #AyandaMabulu did achieve, but surely there must be a line
8:46 AM - 21 Apr 2017

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has issued a statement saying that though it respects the right to freedom of expression it finds the “painting distasteful”.

The governing ANC says it finds the work “grotesque, inflammatory and of bad taste – but the party also defends the right for the artist to express himself.

Mabulu has in the past drawn a number of pictures showing the president in sexually explicit positions.