He's back! Arnold Schwarzenegger Reprises Role In 'Terminator Genisys'

y Samantha Ofole-Prince

Paramount Pictures last night released an exclusive video of their latest Terminator movie. Directed by Alan Taylor, who helmed "Thor: The Dark World," "Terminator Genisys" also stars Oscar winner J. K. Simmons...

Will There Be Another Tupac Film?

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

Hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur has been dead for 18 years but his legacy lives on.

He was brought to life as a hologram by Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre at the Coachella Music Festival in 2012 and seems to pop...

Five Reasons to Watch 'Jurassic World'

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

We ask for two simple things from epic action-adventure films like this. 1) Make us believe. 2) Make us jump. “Jurassic World delivers on both counts. Here are five good reasons to watch this frequently...

Chiwetel Ejiofor To Star in 'Doctor Strange'

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

Ejiofor will once again star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. He played alongside the actor in the award winning drama "12 Years a Slave."

"Doctor Strange" won't hit theaters till next year, but there...

Rick Famuyiwa’s ‘Dope’ is an Appealing Teenage Comedy

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

Can there be anything about life in high school, particularly life in a high school in the hood, audiences haven't already seen? Well, maybe there is for a little bit of it turns up in ''Dope,'' an appealing...

Sony Pictures Animation Releases Official Trailer for 'Hotel Transylvania 2'

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

Sony Pictures Animation today unveiled a new trailer for their latest animated adventure.

Drac's pack is back for an all-new monster comedy adventure in the sequel "Hotel Transylvania 2"  which has...

Check out the Trailer For "Sinister 2"

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

 The sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit horror movie "Sinister 2" is directed by Ciarán

Foy (“Citadel”)

In the aftermath of the shocking events in “Sinister,” a protective mother (Shannyn...

Documentary On Pakistani Female Activist Malala Set For October Release

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

The documentary, produced by Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald is an intimate portrait of Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani school girl who was wounded when Taliban gunmen opened fire on her and her...

David Oyelowo To Star Alongside Wife in 'Captive'

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

David Oyelowo and his wife Jessica are set to appear in their first American movie together.

Jessica, who has starred in several television series in the U.K. has been married to David since 1998. An...

Amy Winehouse Documentary is Heartbreaking

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

Artfully constructed, thoughtfully compiled “Amy” is ultimately a heartbreaking documentary. The film tells the story of six-time Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse whose troubled relationships and addictions led her...