Biafra: Adherence to sit-at-home order shocked Nigerians – Osuntokun

Biafra: Adherence to sit-at-home order shocked Nigerians – Osuntokun

A one time Presidential adviser and former Managing Director of News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, Akin Osuntokun has given reasons why persons agitating for Biafra are not mad.

Reacting to the 90 days ultimatum given to Igbos by a coalition of northern youths to vacate the region, Osuntokun noted that adherence to Nnamdi Kanu’s sit-at-home order by people of Southeast shocked Nigerians.

“People were shocked at the kind of grip Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB has over the South-East, the way he seems to personify their aims and aspirations which was put into concrete expression when they (South-East) heeded his call to stay at home for a whole day”, he said.

“That came as a wake-up call for everybody. That is a solid expression of leadership control”, he told Vanguard.

He further explained that without restructuring and a round table discussion between every part of the country, Nigeria will explode.

“I have told you that it will tantamount to an entity that chooses to blindside itself to a terminal illness, it will just implode.

“It has concretely cast a death pall over the Nigerian space as we speak.

“The people, who are shouting for Biafra are not mad, we can’t just dismiss what they are saying.

“It is an idea that has dramatically shifted from the margins to the mainstream of society.

“The sit-at-home directive that they observed is like the verdict of a referendum and a wake-up call to the rest of Nigeria.

“What that tells us is that wahaladey, that there is something fundamental we need to talk about, that we can no longer postpone the evil day.”

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