Emma Ugolee writes about the ‘fake, empty’ lives of celebrities

Emma Ugolee writes about the ‘fake, empty’ lives of celebrities

Emma Ugolee, a popular television personality, says celebrities are some of the most “fakest and emptiest souls” in the world.

The host of ‘The Gist’ said the celebrity world is filled with so much “vainness and make-believe”.

He said celebrities often sink low to do absurd things in a bid to remain relevant in the entertainment industry.

Ugolee described the “desperation” of the said celebrities as being “unhealthy for the spirit”.

“Since my 1st job was in the media, a lot of my companions were entertainers: models, actors, comedians, OAP’s musicians,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Trust me when I say its a weird experience to have these ones form the majority in your every day world. I have never seen make believe almost become reality. Fakeness and vainess in the most lofty of positions. Never seen such desperation to retain status and the lowness employed at machinations with everyday dealings is most unhealthy for the spirit.

“Truth is, as much as it is erroneous to make this a blanket rule (as some of the most priced souls I know have come from this world) the pressures of their world mould many of them into personalities you’ll rather know from a distance.

“But sitting here, the irony I observe is I yet have never seen a group of people whom everybody wants to be identified with without a single care about who truly is behind the veil. I am not talking the average fan. No, regular guys who become acquaintances to these or have business or social reasons for interaction with them. The story of the celebrity. Having more friends than they want. I’ve probably seen this scenario of a celeb looking at his ringing phone and ignoring the caller one million times.

“People spending a lot of money & struggling too hard to be accepted in this circles while being too busy for people who truly care about them. Sadly, even family atimes.

“Ashamed of people with real substance because they are of lowly means or would not turn heads publicly while quick to be associated with celebs, many whose friendship I can guarantee is worth a trophy made with kpali and cigar foil. Some of the world’s fakest and emptiest souls.

“So you have popular people around you. Who do you celebrate and why? Reassess your heroes. Who do you proudly associate with? Do you express your appreciation to the right people?

“This could be a supportive teacher, loyal driver, hard working market retailer, your trusted banker, kind nurse, great boss, self-sacrificing mother, resilient sick relative, real heroes. Not everytime famzing celebs.”

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