Tonto Dikeh has got a message for those slamming Linda Ikeji

Tonto Dikeh has got a message for those slamming Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji's isn't the only one defending herself from trolls on social media since she announced her pregnancy but Tonto Dikeh is slamming those who wouldn't allow her to chill.

Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram page on Thursday, May 24, 2018, where wrote quite a long message slamming those who have been calling out the media entrepreneur.

"All this negativity is the reason I Jejely went extremely private /personal during my pregnancy... Not even my parents knew until I was 8months and far away from the world negativity and hate. Carrying a baby is a very complicated process let alone carrying a baby with so much hate and negativity... Let this lady breathe, She may not deserve your pity on tongue lashing but her baby sure deserves safety. Let them have one.

“Worry more about your lives and how to push you forward... Regardless Linda is a success whether fake bump or real bump, She will always remain a role model to millions even if it’s not to you. Someone needs her, Her baby and they folk she mentors needs her. so those of you who don’t need her leave her alone...Children are a gift to mankind, Aunty Kemi I would really love to say a few things to you but nah I don’t want to come across as rude As I do not have a rude bone in me for you.

“I will let sleeping dogs lie. But please draw from your motherly instinct and follow this with caution Ma..@officiallindaikeji I am with you in prayers and as a woman, I stand with you. Do have and enjoy the best pregnancy You can. Sad and bitter women leave your fellow woman alone. Women another woman isn’t your problem. God heal you all of all this Hurt and hatred. Because you sin differently don’t make you right. THE REASON SOME WOMAN WILL ALWAYS BE UNDER AND NEVER REACH GREATNESS IS HATE, ENVY AND LACK OF JOY FOR THE NEXT WOMAN. By the way, Linda I hope you know your BEST friends are behind all the faceless nameless account trolling your pregnancy? ‘STAY WOKE’," she wrote.

She, however, took down the message a few hours later. It would be recalled that the news of Linda Ikeji's pregnancy broke a few days ago. The good news was shared by her sister Laura Ikeji on Sunday, May 20, 2018, on her Instagram page. "See who's gonna be a mummy. Congrats Lin @officiallindaikeji" wrote Laura Ikeji on her Instagram post.