Wealthy Nigerians kids nearly sent to UK prison over richest dad fight

Wealthy Nigerians kids nearly sent to UK prison over richest dad fight

Judge Christine Laing QC of a UK court, has suspended the sentencing of two wealthy Nigerian men, Elvis Ilonze and Daniel Oluyemi, for an assault on Prince Nnaji, their countryman.

The Daily Mail UK, had reported that Ilonze and Oluyemi formed a partnership against Nnaji, who got into an argument with Ilonze, reportedly a childhood friend and flatmate at a Brighton, East Sussex apartment, over who had the richest dad.

Things got intense on Saturday, April 7, 2018, prompting a violent assault on Nnaji who was allegedly hit with a shisha pipe.

Judge offers second chance to war mongers
A good representation had encouraged Judge Christine Laing QC to consider a light warning for Elvis Ilonze and Daniel Oluyemi, who were considered useful to the society.

This factor motivated the Queen's Counsel to suspend a year jail term for 18 months, with expectation on good conduct from the duo.

It was gathered that Oluyemi assisted in assaulting Prince Nnaji with a wine bottle.

"Unlike many of the people who pass through the courts you both come from, effectively, backgrounds of privilege.

"It couldn't be more childish, effectively an insult on somebody's parents - who's got the richer dad - that started this fight.

"You both appear to be incredibly immature, perhaps as a result of being cosseted in your upbringing.

The judge added that the pair of them, though immature, have 'much to contribute to society," the judge mentioned in a statement.