Adele says 'Hello' to the world again

Adele says 'Hello' to the world again

By Lindokuhle Xulu

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins known only as just Adele has released a song and music video of the song called Hello.

The song was published on YouTube on 22 October 2015 and was taken from the new album that will be out on 20 November.

Already the song has over a million views and comments of commendation from fans say she has proved that you don’t need to be naked to break records.

A comment from becker carl on YouTube said: “It clearly shows that to show boobs, ass, nudity porn is not a way to break records or using (AUTHENTIC HITS dot COM)  but good work matters!!!”

The new hit song by Adele is receiving a lot of love from social media as people look forward to the release of her new album.