Laurence Fishburne To Play Nelson Mandela in BET Mini Series ‘Madiba’

Laurence Fishburne To Play Nelson Mandela in BET Mini Series ‘Madiba’

By Samantha Ofole-Prince

Laurence Fishburne is slated to play Nelson Mandela, who became the first black president of South Africa in 1994, serving until 1999.

Based on two Mandela autobiographies, "Madiba" will focus on the civil rights leader and the several challenges he faced in his efforts to dismantle the country's apartheid system. While many recognize Mandela as the face of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, this mini-series will pay homage to the many lesser known men and women who sacrificed and suffered alongside of him in South Africa’s quest for freedom. Orlando Jones plays Oliver Tambo and David Harewood stars as Walter Sisulu, two of Mandela’s closest friends, while Michael Nyqvist plays Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, the prime minister of Apartheid-era South Africa from 1958 until his assassination in 1966. Terry Pheto plays Nelson’s second wife, Winnie Mandela.

A miniseries for BET Networks, it is executive produced by the late South African hero’s grandson Kweku Mandela.

Filmed exclusively in South Africa and on Robben Island, the six-hour mini-series "Madiba," which is the name of the Xhosa tribe Mandela belonged to, is produced and financed by Blue Ice Pictures, and Out of Africa Entertainment Production in association with Cinema Gypsy Productions and executive produced by Blue Ice Pictures’ president, Lance Samuels. Kevin Hooks ("Prison Break") serves as director and will be the first African-American director to helm a story about Mandela’s life.

There have been several movies profiling Mandela and some of the actors who have played the iconic leader include Sidney Poitier who played Nelson Mandela in 1997's "Mandela and de Klerk," Dennis Haysbert in 2007's "Goodbye Bafana," Morgan Freeman in "Invictus" and more recently Idris Elba in "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom."

"Madiba" a three-part saga on former South African leader, Nelson Mandela, will air February 1st, 8th and 15, 2017 on BET.

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